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      African Black Soap is a powerful and natural cleansing soap recipe that has been used in the motherland for thousands of years. It is handmade, produced using traditional methods, containing Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Roasted Cocoa Pods.

      Roasted Cocoa Pods have always been used as a natural alternative to lye, and also have great exfoliating properties leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed without feeling stripped .


      Natural, Earthy, Cocoa.


      Black soap is known to cleanse and purify the skin and it is thought to be beneficial against premature facial lines and wrinkles.
      Helps with acne prone skin, eczema.
      Good for sensitive skin and heals blemishes. Can help to soothe razor burns. As a Natural shampoo and make up remover.

      Use as a soap bar or Break a grade size piece of soap, lather with water and use all over the body. The soap will become softer when exposed to water so it is advised to take what you need and keep the soap in a cool dry place.

      Works With:

      Sapor exfoliator sponge, Skin Food Formula



      A deep cleansing and nourishing combo of activated charcoal and fine Dead Sea Salt infused into a bar of soap.

      The soap is fortified with natural oils, with the properties of coconut and rice bran oil will leave your skin smooth and cleansed.




      An exfoliator face and beard soap designed for a deep clean and lift of layers of dead skin underneath the beard. It contains, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil blend and natural exfoliators with sugar and coffee to help with deep exfoliation.

      It is an SLS free soap base. It is very gentle on the skin, ergonomically designed for ease of use.



      The Anti Bump Formula is formulated to combat ingrown hairs and shaving bumps. It is natural, chemical free and vegan. It is fragranced with herbal and minty natural essential oils. Infused with tea tree and Arnica plant oils. Tea tree being anti fungal and Arnica being a powerhouse anti-inflammatory plant, which keep down bumps, combat ingrowing hairs and soothe shaving burns. It also moisturises and softens the skin leaving a healing spot smooth and soft.

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