Bamboo Comb (Infused)


Bamboo static free comb. Ideal for mini afros and beards.
Glides through the hair a lot more easier. Much more gentle to detangle hairs, without excessive breakage.
The Wood is soft and would gentle massage the hair on the face.
Plastic and metal combs have high static charge allow dirt to stick to them cause of .

Combing your hair with a wooden comb offers a much more natural feel. It doesn't drag or tangle your hair and this prevents breakage.
It is a less destructive way to massage the scalp as it boosts blood circulation without damaging the sensitive skin of the scalp in the same way a plastic or metal comb would.
Wooden combs also lack the same static which traps dirt and distribute throughout hair. It is also suitable for all types of hair.
Our combs come infused with essential oils. Giving you extra glide, and an amazing smell.