Fathers day. Gift Set For Men


A 7 piece Natural male grooming package giving all around Beard, Skin and hair growth.
The range designed to enhance all around natural body care for him.
Our 7 Piece male grooming set prepares a man for any situation.

Exfoliator bar with Shea butter and coffee. Designed to shampoo and lift dead skin underneath the beard, giving a thorough cleanse.

Beard Conditioner
Conditions and softens the beard.

Beard growth serum
A natural formula to promote
growth and thickness.

Beard oil
For maintenance and shine
(with added hemp oil)

Skin food formula [30ml]
Natural skin food to soften
and nourish the skin

Hair food formula [30ml]
Nourishing the hair to
aid hair growth and

Bamboo Comb
Static free Bamboo comb made for beards and short hair. Infused with Cedar wood and grapefruit essential oils. Glides through the hair.