Muluku Beard Care Set

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The Beard Care Family

Our Four piece set that covers the Full Circle of Natural beard care.

This set covers all bases to provide all around beard care. Wash, condition, growth and shine/maintain with our range.

Beard Exfoliator bar. Wash: Our SLS free shampoo and exfoliator bar washes the hair and exfoliates the skin underneath the beard.
Beard Conditioner: To soften and repair the beard hair, fortified with castor oil and Shea butter.
Beard Growth Serum: Plant based Formula, Created to promote beard growth and conditioning.
Beard Oil Formula: Made to give you all around beard nourishment.

Covers all of our 3, 6, 9 (Wet, Condition and shine) product categories.

It's all in the Routine !!! Beard care is something that needs to be consistent to see developments over time.