Why Muluku Cosmetics

At Muluku Cosmetics, we truly are a natural cosmetics company that specialises in Skin and Hair care.

Natural hair and skin care has become a new buzzword, meaning that a lot of companies position themselves under this banner in the hopes of catching the attention and money of a different customer base. However, most products you buy in your high street stores contain a very small percentage (usually 3 to 6%) of what they say is the main ingredient. Water, wax, synthetic bulking agents and fragrances usually make up the rest, if not most, of the product.

What we put on our skin and hair is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Giving us more reason to pay close attention to what we use in the same regard as to what we eat, the effects can be life changing.

This is where Muluku Cosmetics step in.

We have circled the globe to bring to you the finest ingredients to create formulas that nourish and purify the skin and hair. Each product is handmade, using methods that preserve all the natural nutrients and minerals in the ingredients. This means that your body gets to utilise and enjoy all of the great benefits that nature intended for us.

Our aim at Muluku Cosmetics is to create formulas of the highest quality, purity and with a luxurious feel and smell. Allowing for the body to gain nourishment on every level.

Enjoy, With Love.

I Am Pure I Am Alive