About us


Muluku Cosmetics is dedicated to the pursuit of internal wellness through external cosmetics. We are an enterprise rich in meaning, with a goal to educate, enlighten and enrich. We have set ourselves the mission to provide men and women with the best, naturally sourced products in terms of quality, efficacy & purity.

Personal tragedy prompted an exploration of the hidden harmful effects of mass-market cosmetics.

Most well-known cosmetic products contain only a small concentration of the marketed main ingredient, and are often mixed with many other, sometimes dangerous, chemicals. The minimal external rewards are unbalanced by the possible internal damage caused.

This, mixed with the high levels of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, is a silent killer.



Muluku’s founder began a personal journey to discover what nature has to offer; which products could improve the quality of the skin whilst contributing to the body’s general wellness.

The search inevitably led to a trace back to the pioneers of natural skincare: the ancient Africans. They understood, with the skin being the body’s biggest organ, everything you subject the body to externally is absorbed internally. For this reason, they believed in the link between skincare & spirituality; the search for the divine within. Using the healthiest and most effective skin products formed part of the journey of evolution and inner discovery.   

This is Muluku’s mission.  Our goal is to reintroduce an understanding of nature’s full circle: what we subject ourselves to externally affects us internally, and vice versa. Our purpose is to guide people to embrace their natural journey, share our knowledge and educate them on how to get the best out of our products.


Muluku cosmetics are inspired from recipes of plant-based products, developed by the Ancients and passed down over generations. Our intent is to use naturally derived ingredients with the goal to keeping them in their simplest & purest forms.

Each product is handcrafted, blending the finest ingredients sourced from various parts of the world. Their purpose is to nourish & feed the exterior, and in turn, cleanse and purify the interior. In purity, you become alive.

The influences of both ancient and modern Africa are represented throughout Muluku’s product and logo. The circular Adinkra for ‘greatness’ is represented in the brand’s logo. In traditional African culture, the circle represents completeness, a source of energy and wisdom. For us, it is in keeping with our ethos of achieving the full circle of nature.

Muluku is more than a product; it’s a way of life.

I am Pure. I am Alive.

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