An exfoliator face and beard soap designed for a deep clean and lift of layers of dead skin underneath the beard. It contains, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil blend and natural exfoliators with sugar and coffee to help with deep exfoliation.

It is an SLS free soap base. It is very gentle on the skin, ergonomically designed for ease of use.

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The exfoliator soap has been specially designed for the beard and neck. It is easy to hold and has been crafted to clean, soften and clear dead skin underneath with natural exfoliating properties coffee and sugar.


Product Detail:


The exfoliator beard bar works to help clean hair and exfoliate dead skin. Exfoliation helps with, ingrown hairs and reduce bump inflammation. The infused coffee helps to stimulate and sugar particles help with exfoliation. SLS free soap base.Also contains shea butter and coconut oil.




The exfoliator bar has a rich scent of a highly sweet-smelling coffee




For beard: condition the beard, let conditioner sit and wash out. Used exfoliator soap on wet beard to access skin underneath.


For neck: allow the skin of the neck to be soaked to access pores, gentle scrub soap into neck


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