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Make your own box. The balance box is all about creating your own range that is dedicated to your self care and balancing the energy in your space. Using Aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and natural skincare to help you create routines that enhance you mental and physical wellbeing Your box is created with a minimum of 3 products.


A natural cleansing herb. Smudge sticks are used for cleansing the air. Sage has amazing antibacterial qualities. A great way to reset to energy in your home. It can cleanse your space banish negative energy.
Its evergreen leaves has a mentholy cleansing aroma when burnt.

RECHARGE: Remineralizing Bath Blend

Enjoy a revitalising bath with our regenerating  mineral-rich sea salts, infused with arnica a natural anti inflammatory plant oils.
Regenerating Bath Salts: A re-mineralizing bath blend with natural plant oils and replenishing salts, blended with Dead Sea, Epsom, and Himalayan Pink salts.Nothing beats and relaxing bath, To relax and recharge you in the evening.


Our super smooth Skin Food Formula made with 7 plant-based oils and butters.  Made using nature’s finest ingredients. Created to cultivate and soften your skin leaving it silky and supple, blessing your body with a luxurious feel. It is highly moisturising, pure but non-greasy.

LIFT : Aromatherapy essential oil blend

Our own unique Aromatherapy diffuser oil. Created to lift you space. A blend of 6 plant essential oils formulated to stimulate your senses. Lifting your mood and rebalancing your energy. Aromatherapy practices can help to reduce stress anxiety and stimulate the brain.



Palo Santo: A calming natural incense stick that incites a relaxing, calming feeling and offers a cleansing of space. Palo Santo is one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Its sweet scent of pine, mint, and lemon has been used by Human beings for millennia.


Our wellness box contains a specially selected range of natural products created to help bring balance and relaxation into your lifestyle.

A blend of aromatherapy, skin and body well-being care products contribute to general health and an ultimate approach to wellness.

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