The Beard Oil Formula is a natural, chemical free plant based formula. It softens and nourishes beard hair and the skin that lays underneath. It seals in moisture, adding shine and giving you a healthier beard.

Natural Chemical-free and Plant based. Carefully formulated to softens and nourish beard hair and skin underneath. It seals in moisture adding shine giving you a healthier beard.

For the ultimate beard care experience try the 5 piece Muluku Beard care set.

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A lightweight natural oil that helps regulate your beards moisture, reducing dryness and roughness, making your beard silky and smooth to touch. Such a shine will bring life to a dull looking beard. The Beard Oil Formula helps facilitate beard growth and get rid of itchiness. It also combats beard hair breakage.

Made with Coconut, Almond, Hemp and other plant-based oils that come together to make this formula a unique blend. Can be used for daily maintenance or part of full beard care routine.



The sweet aroma is much more widespread and potent as it works its way into the hair follicles




Use 2-3 drops the massage into beard and skin evenly. Pat and style with a wooden static free comb or brush. For the best results, ensure you exfoliate 1 to 2 times weekly.


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