A powerful skin care combo that is created to deeply cleanse, detox and rejuvenate your skin.

The Carbon Cleanse blends the amazing detoxifying properties of activated charcoal with Fine Dead Sea Salt from the Dead Sea. Our Skin Food Formula, a smooth blend of plant based oils and butters with rich skin nourishing properties.

The combination of the Carbon Detox Soap and the Skin Food Formula will inspire your skin to be in the best condition it has ever been.


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A deep cleansing and nourishing combo of activated charcoal and fine Dead Sea Salt infused into a bar of soap. The soap is fortified with natural oils, with the properties of coconut and rice bran oil which will leave your skin smooth and cleansed.


Our super smooth Skin food made with 7 plant-based oils and butters.  Made using nature’s finest ingredients. Created to cultivate and soften your skin leaving it silky and supple (See: skin food formula in product descriptions)



The Carbon Detox Soap has a sweet & minty smell that would be complimented by the Skin Food.


The Skin Food has a warm, fresh lemony cocoa aroma embedded within. The lightness of its texture contains its potency alongside its spread.




The combination of products is meant to aid each other and is used best to cleanse and nourish in that order.


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