Self Care for winter

Self Care for winter

With Autumn fully amongst us, Here are a few tips to keep you thriving through the colder months. 

Slow Down

As humans we sometimes forget we are part of nature and not separate from it. Winter is the time of the cycle where everything slows down and goes into Hibernation or into regeneration mode. Use this time of cycle to slow down. Create spaces to tap more into self, Meditation or creating a self care routine are a few ways you can tap into self. Try the wellness box.

Spend time outside

Whether it’s for a run or a short walk through nature. Natural Sunlight is an import part of overall health and with there being less of it during winter its more important to make sure u get a few hours of natural sunlight. Wrap up and try a walk after lunch. Seasonal Affective Disorder: a condition that mimics the symptoms of depression due to the lack of sunlight and a lack of vitamin d affects a lot of people during this time. Use ‘light therapy’ or effective supplementation to combat this.  

Keep a Gratitude journal

Theres many benefits for creating a written record for all you are Grateful for. Helps to improve your mood and give you a focus on the positive in your life. Which can contribute to improving your mood, outlook and overall self esteem.  

Stay your skin hydrated 

The winter cold air can act like a vacuum placed on your skin. Switch to an oil/butter based body skin cream to keep your skin glowing, soft and supple during the colder months. Try ours here:

Stay Active

Exercise is important all year around. Its colder and the motivation to exercise is lesser but is still a priority. Exercising in colder temperatures can actually burn more calories than normal. Or if your not feeling like braving the cold home or gym workouts must be maintained. 

Take hot baths 

Take some time out to soak in the bath light some candles, read  book. Add some bath salts and allow the bath to warm up you up from the inside. Helps you to relax and set you up for a relaxing good nights sleep. 

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